Mr. Yamamura, the owner of SPEAKEASY, and Mr. Yanagihara, the owner of Fréquence., a vintage eyewear specialty store that sells only dead stock, have dealt with a huge number of French vintages. In addition, he is one of the few specialists who is well versed in French vintage, such as co-authoring the book "FrameFrance", which summarizes French vintages of the 1940s and 1950s, which were original and boasted the highest quality in the world.

Guépard is a collection that understands and expresses respect for the high design and essence of French vintage, where the only parts that need to be modernized are the size. I made it a price and a design.

Frame design, tags, oil paper, lenses (lenses at the time did not have multi-coating technology and the lens surface was reflective, so in order to improve reproducibility at the time, guépard custom-ordered a multi-coated flat lens on the back side. The surface is easy to reflect because there is no anti-reflection coating) is an element that cannot be expressed without knowing the background of the French vintage at the time, and it resonates with those who actually own the vintage. Specifications.


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