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Roller-buckle belt with no holes, using an original brass buckle.
Although it has a minimal design like an industrial product, it has a warm finish that is created by hand-shaving one by one.
The plating applied to the buckle is chrome-free plating that is compatible with needle detection, so metal allergies are less than usual.
It is an item that can be used for all occasions, such as dress scenes and casual scenes.

"DIPLO FJORD" is a leather schrunken calf that represents LUDWIG PERLINGER Gmbh, which has a history of more than 140 years with the chrome tanning method and has been making things on an equal footing with famous maisons.
It is a functional leather that is highly elastic, resistant to water and dirt, and resistant to scratches due to the emphasized grain.
In addition, the beautiful coloring that gives a classic yet modern impression is a unique finish that can be produced by continuing to interact with numerous brands over a long period of time.

H2.5×L115cm / about 100g



The designer is Aoki Wataru.
We are trying to produce high-quality leather accessories by carefully selecting materials from Japan and overseas.
Not for men, not for women, not classical, not modern.
Itch's goal is simply to create products that feel "nice", and this is the concept of the brand.

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