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22AW The09Grey

The yarn is made with cotton spinning technology, and features a moderate matte surface and dry touch.
As the fibers become evenly threaded, knots are less likely to occur and the knitted fabric is stable.
While leaving a beautiful luster, it has a fine texture and is comfortable to wear with the best of cotton and wool.

3: Waist about 72cm (rubber type) rise 27cm inseam 64cm hem width 18cm
4: Waist 76cm (rubber specification) rise 28.5cm inseam 67cm hem width 18.5cm

Model size: 173cm wearing size 3


WOOL 100%

The Terrusse
The Terrusse is a life product brand launched by POSTELEGANT designer Yuya Nakata.
"What is a rich life?" Create products with craftsmen and manufacturers from all over Japan.
The brand name is a coined word that combines "terra", which refers to the earth in Latin, and our "us".
The brand name is based on the idea that "using natural materials produced by the circulation of the earth makes our lives more colorful and enriches our lives."

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