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A high-neck long-sleeve T-shirt with a moderately loose silhouette.
It can be used as a single piece in early spring and early autumn, and as an inner layer for a sweater in the middle of winter.

It is a cotton sheeting material woven from hand-picked SUVIN COTTON in India by knitters in Wakayama City.
And by reprinting and dyeing the old-fashioned dyeing technique at a dyeing factory in Shiga Prefecture, it is an ATON original material that features bulge and texture as if it were blended with cashmere, even though it is made of 100% cotton.

4: Shoulder width: 49.0cm Width: 59.0cm Length: 73.0cm Sleeve length: 61.0cm
6: Shoulder width: 53.0cm Width: 63.0cm Length: 76.0cm Sleeve length: 63.0cm

Model size: 170cm wearing size 4


100% cotton

A unisex fashion brand launched by Yasuharu Hisasaki in Fall/Winter 2016. The brand name "ATON" stands for A to N, from "A" to "N", and is a brand that carefully finishes all processes from raw materials to production.

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