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23AWCla00Black Suede

Desert Trek, which was first announced in the 1970s, is one of Clarks' icon shoes, a lace-up shoe "Desert Trek" featuring a center seam.
Equipped with Vibram (R) sole with excellent durability and anti-slip properties, GORE-TEX (R) / Gore-Tex (R), distinctive center seam and Trekman heel emblem using reflective material, Trek A hybrid design that fuses our commitment and technology.
Works well even on rainy days.

[Gore-tex®] A high-performance material that combines both waterproof durability to prevent rain and snow from entering, and moisture permeability to dissipate water vapor such as sweat. Keep your feet dry in all weather conditions.

UK7 (25.0-25.5cm)
UK7.5 (25.5-26.0cm)

*It is recommended to choose 1.0cm smaller than the size of your sneakers.
(UK7.5 is recommended for those who usually wear sneakers at 26.5cm.)

Black Suede


The Clarks story begins with sheepskin slippers made by the Clark brothers Cyrus and James almost 200 years ago. The combination of invention and craftsmanship that was groundbreaking for its time remains the essence of Clarks shoemaking to this day. And to this day, all Clarks shoes are hand-carved from hornbeam wood. With advanced manufacturing techniques, technology and the latest materials, we create the perfect shoes for the modern age.

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