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Luxurious wool material using SUPER 120's wool and silk.
2/72 super120's Camden Merino wool is used for the warp.
Camden Merino is a purebred Merino that was sent to Australia from the Kingdom of Spain in the 18th century, and is an excellent yarn with little variation in fineness and used for high-quality fabrics.
The weft yarn uses a blend of silk and wool to add suppleness to the quality of the wool material.
With a fine plain weave, you can feel the luster of silk in the texture of wool.
In addition, the smooth texture is achieved by strongly suppressing the processing.

All-in-one with detachable sleeves.
You can wear it with long sleeves in spring and autumn, and short sleeves in summer.
We also recommend styling with the sleeves wrapped around your waist as shown in the photo.

3: Shoulder width 50cm Width 58cm Length 56cm Sleeve length 60cm Waist 114cm Rise 30cm Inseam 72cm Hem width 23cm
4: Shoulder width 52cm Width 59cm Length 57cm Sleeve length 63cm Waist 118cm Rise 31cm Inseam 73cm Hem width 24cm
Models size: 181cm wearing size 4 / 173cm wearing size 3


WOOL 81%
Silk 19%

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