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A Royal Ox pajama shirt made of 140-count Svin cotton twin yarn.
Svin cotton is said to be the highest quality cotton, with just the right amount of sliminess and beautiful luster.
It is woven with an OX structure using thread made with a very fine count of 140.
Although it is a thin thread, it has a firm texture that feels comfortable and feels very smooth on the skin.
The shape is straight wide pants. Comes with pockets on both sides.
Prioritizing sleeping comfort, there are no hip pockets.

3: Waist approx. 66-76cm (elastic) Rise 38cm Inseam 72cm Hem width 29cm
Model size:173cm wearing size 3



The Terrasse
TheTerrusse is a life product brand launched by POSTELEGANT designer Yuya Nakata.
``What does it mean to live a rich life?'' Creating products together with craftsmen and manufacturers from all over Japan.
The brand name is a coined word that is a combination of the Latin word ``terra,'' which refers to the earth, and ``us,'' which refers to us.
The brand name reflects the idea that ``By using natural materials produced by the earth's circulation, we can enrich and enrich our lives.''

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