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”Trip to Mumbai”
Exotic scent expressed with smoky incense taste.
The powdery sweetness that envelops the whole and the hazy depth make it a scent that feels original.

-Potpourri / Lava rock (lava stone) Petite size *Regular size -
It is a potpourri-type room fragrance with lava rock (lava rock) wrapped in a unique scent in an iron vessel that makes you feel minimal art.

Drip the included recharge oil and enjoy the spread and strength of the scent according to your preference. You can also adjust the opening and closing of the lid.
*One 15ml recharge oil is included.

Each iron vessel is made by hand in our atelier in Morocco. Madeelen's pottery, which combines strength and simplicity, is uneven and does not have the same expression.

The scent of potpourri uses the traditional method of soaking lava rock (lava rock) with natural ingredients extracted from carefully selected flowers, trees, herbs and spices from all over the world. We don't do mass production, but like an apothecary, we produce all the processes one by one by hand after receiving an order.
The rugged mule rock (lava rock) is also visually pleasing.

Fragrance materials are carefully selected from all over the world, using oils extracted from flowers, trees, herbs and spices. No silicones, parabens, PEG, artificial colors or fragrances, or petroleum ingredients. It is proof that we are particular about using natural materials.

* Precautions for use ・Avoid direct sunlight and dryness when using.
Long-lasting fragrance.
・Because the iron container is handmade with a sense of art, each one is finished with a different expression.

Diameter (φ) 12 x Height 10 cm
*Please note that there may be individual differences in size.

In Saint-Julien-du-Verdon, a small village in the south of France where time passes slowly, each piece is carefully hand-crafted, down to the smallest detail, from potpourri to boxes and labels.

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