The world view of HED MAYNER

Hello, this is Teshima.


It's the second half of January and the cold days continue


However, the occasional warm weather makes me feel like spring is coming soon!


This time, we will introduce recommended items that can be worn on warm days and early spring♪


HED MAYNER's view of the world_1



An oversized double jacket featuring HED MAYNER's signature large shoulders and wide peak lapels.


HED MAYNER's view of the world_2


The size is 177cm slim and wears a size S, and it is an item that has a strong presence just by putting it on.


The fabric is made of 100% high-density cotton and has a firm and crisp texture.


The fabric is quite thick, so you can wear it with a knit inside in autumn and winter, and you can wear it over a T-shirt in early spring.


The color is white, so I would like you to match it with colored items!


If you are interested, please check it out♪


HED MAYNER's view of the world_3


By the way, for this coordination, E.TAUTZ's LINEMAN SHIRT was matched. The brown color matches the color of the jacket.


The world view of HED MAYNER_4


The pants are TWO TUCKS WIDE PANTS from the brand IRENISA, which started this season. I deliberately combined a firm item with a thicker item to create a sharp look.


The world view of HED MAYNER_5



Lastly, +81 is currently having a sale. This jacket is also a sale item, so you can buy it at a great price, so please take this opportunity to get it!