This is "HED MAYNER"

hello. This is Morishima from +81 staff.

Spring/Summer items such as MASU and IRENISA have gradually arrived at +81.

However, the cold days continue.

So, I tried coordinating using the recommended autumn/winter sale items.

This is "HED MAYNER"_1
This is "HED MAYNER"_2

This COLLARLESS JACKET was a particularly eye-catching item in the HED MAYNER 20AW look, so many people must have been interested in it.

The outer material is virgin wool, and the surface is brushed, giving it a melton-like finish.

The lining is mixed with rayon, and it is so comfortable to wear that you cannot imagine it from the appearance.

This is "HED MAYNER"_3

The length is short at 58 cm and the neck is collarless, so you can enjoy layering in various ways such as turtlenecks, hoodies, and long shirts.

I coordinated HED MAYNER's OPEN BACK BUTTONED SHIRT with beige one tone as an inner layer.

This shirt has a long length of 85cm, so it goes well with the layered jacket I introduced earlier.
This is "HED MAYNER"_4
There is a slit in the back, so I think it would be interesting to wear colored items inside.
This is "HED MAYNER"_5


The fabric is 100% cotton and has a crisp and taut feel, giving it a three-dimensional silhouette when worn.

Finally, I would like to introduce the HED MAYNER 8 PLEAT PANT that I am wearing.

I personally recommend these pants.

The fabric of this item is the same virgin wool as the collarless jacket, and despite its heat retention, it is smooth to the touch and has a solid lining, making it comfortable to wear.

You will want to repeat and wear it many times.

This is "HED MAYNER"_6

This is "HED MAYNER"_7

As the name suggests, there are 6 pleats on the front and 1 on the left and right on the back, so these pants have a unique rounded silhouette when worn.

I don't think there are many pants with pleats made of this material.

In addition, it is also recommended that it does not look unfashionable because it is tapered toward the hem.


Staff height 170cm




¥129,800 → ¥90,860 (30% OFF)



¥72,600 → ¥50,820 (30% OFF)



¥80,300 → ¥56,210 (30% OFF)


All the items introduced this time are on sale, so please check them out.

Not only sale items, but also spring and summer items are gradually arriving.

Please take this opportunity to visit our online shop.

In addition, we will hold a POPUP of IRENISA at Nakameguro COMPLEX BOOST from 1/29 (Fri.) to 1/31 (Sun.), so please come by if you have time.