To the leading role of coordination

hello. This is Morishima from +81 staff.

At +81, more and more spring and summer items are starting to line up,

2020AW SALE items are gradually sold out.

We will introduce recommended 2020AW items that you can wear in early spring!

First, let's start with mfpen's BLOUSON WITH ZIPPER .

A short-length blouson with eye-catching white and black checks.

To the leading role of coordination_1

Soft and long-haired dead stock Italian wool with alpaca blend,
Made with a unique texture.

The texture is so good that you want to pick it up and touch it once.

To the leading role of coordination_2

It is an item that can be worn even if the zip is lifted up like this.

A line with wide pants,
This outerwear is easy to match and can be worn with slacks and other I-line silhouettes.

To the leading role of coordination_3

I also appreciate the fact that it has a pocket on the inside.

Please make it the main part of your outfit ♪

I often wear short-length outerwear layered with a shirt!

To the leading role of coordination_4

Therefore, what we recommend in the set is wearing

The standard item “LINEMAN SHIRT” is now released in different colors and patterns every season.

To the leading role of coordination_5

The color is mature brown,
The external pocket like a work shirt is also a moderately casual accent, making it a well-balanced shirt.

The fabric is a fine cotton material that feels good on the skin and is comfortable to wear.

This is a shirt that will be decided by itself for spring and summer, so please check it out.

Staff height 170cm



¥85,800 → ¥51,480 (40% off)



¥42,900 → ¥25,740 (40% OFF)

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We will hold a pop-up, so if you have time, please come by.

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