like a work of art

hello. This is Morishima from +81 staff.

2020AW item sale has started at +81.

So I tried to coordinate with the recommended items.

First, from the coordinated photo of the whole body.

Coordinates using whole body KHOKI items.

Introduction of 2020AW SALE items Part 3_1

The Bag coat you are wearing is
The outer material is 100% Wool, and the color is navy, giving it an elegant impression.

Introduction of 2020AW SALE items Part 3_2

As the name suggests, the front has a bold pocket like a bag,
It is designed to be tied with leather straps.

I often put all my belongings in my pocket, so it would be helpful if there was a pocket this big.

In addition, the black suede line on the front is asymmetrical, making it a highly designed item.

Then there's the version with the coat off.

Introduction of 2020AW SALE items Part 3_4

This KHOKI MOON MORNING SHIRT is a shirt with a lot of ingenuity.

① The front body is switched between striped pattern and plain broad fabric.

(2) There are too many buttons.

Introduction of 2020AW SALE items Part 3_5

③ The flap pocket is attached later.

④ The color scheme of the left and right fabrics is different.

Introduction of 2020AW SALE items Part 3_6


⑤ There is a tuck on the front.

⑥ The striped pattern on the sleeves is connected to the back.

This shirt is packed with a lot of attention to detail.

In addition, the back has an umbrella yoke, giving it a three-dimensional effect.
The silhouette from the side is really cool.

Even if you use it as an inner layer, it has a strong presence even if you wear it alone.

I think that a shirt with many details like this is rare,
Personally, I would like you to show off your design with just one piece and wear it.

You can come in handy in the coming season.

These are KHOKI Napo Pants .

Pants with red stitching design around the pockets and hem.

There is also a tuck at the waist, so you can enjoy the expression when you tuck it in.

The back pocket is also asymmetric and has a design.

The gorgeous red stitching on the hem is eye-catching, and the pants are straight and have a very beautiful silhouette.

This time, we mainly introduced KHOKI items, but all of them have a lot of details and are highly designed items, so please check them out.

KHOKI "Bag coat"


¥107,800 → ¥75,460 (30% off)



¥43,780 → ¥35,024 (20% off)

KHOKI "Napo pants"


¥43,780 → ¥35,024 (20% OFF)

Not only sale items, but also spring and summer items are gradually arriving.

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