This is Sugita from the +81 staff.

Spring/Summer items are coming in more and more, so I used the 20AW sale items to create a style with a sense of spring/summer.

Introduction of 2020AW SALE items Part 2_1

Mainly ATON hoodies.

ATON original fabric is used for this hoodie.

Although it is made of 100% nylon, it has undergone special processing, so it has a bulge and texture similar to natural fibers such as cotton.

The atmosphere is completely different from the usual shiny nylon.

Nylon with a strong glossiness is also good, but I personally think that this kind of atmosphere is good now.

If you're looking for a hoodie like this, of course, but if you like the feel of nylon fabric but don't like something that's too shiny, I'd like you to see it.

For the pants, I chose RAKINES.

This item is a special order item from +81.

Inline was issued in LIGHT BEIGE.

Change the color to BLUE GRAY as a special order point.

A grayish BLUE GRAY that is not too bright and looks a little washed out .

Personally, I've been interested in colored pants lately, and I've been looking at a lot of them, but none of them are too strong and I can't find anything that suits me.

As for my impression, when I saw the actual product, I thought that these pants had an exquisite color and were just right.

Unlike the usual color pants that are too strong in color, this color allows you to feel the unique color of RAKINES.

For this styling, I chose these pants with the feeling of matching washed-out denim.

Personally, this color is quite convenient because it goes well with various clothes.

Many people think that colored pants are difficult, but I would like to recommend these pants to those people.

The fabric is also made of wool surge, so it is durable and you can wear it for 3 seasons.

Finally the big picture.




¥53,900 → ¥32,340 30% OFF




Staff Height: 173cm

The number of sale items is decreasing, but spring and summer items will continue to arrive.

Please take this opportunity to visit the IRENISA Limited Store and online shop scheduled to be held from January 29th.

Thank you.