French vintage eyewear.

"guépard" joined the lineup at the same time as +81's shop opened.

The sun is getting more and more like summer days,
Isn't there a lot of people looking for eyewear?

This time, we will talk about guépard, which has received many inquiries after arrival.
Let me introduce you.

The origin of guépard

In the 1940s and 1950s, Frame France (vintage frames made in France) led the world in terms of quality .

guépard is the specialty store

This is an eyewear brand created by Mr. Yamamura of Kobe's famous vintage eyeglass shop "SPEAKEASY" and Mr. Yanagihara of Sapporo's "Fréquence."

He is also one of the few experts who is familiar with French vintage, such as co-authoring the book "FrameFrance" that summarizes French vintage.


guépard dismantles each of the dead stock glasses down to the tiny screws,
Therefore, these glasses are reproduced while carefully looking at the design and details of French vintage.

In order not to impair the balance of the design, only the size has been modified to make it easier for modern Asians to wear without various edits.
It was made to give you the feel of a French vintage frame.

Therefore, various trial and error have been made and directed, making it a collection with high reproducibility at that time.

So what is the difference between guépard and vintage frames?

The biggest difference is the material.

Vintage frames use celluloid as material,
Guépard uses acetate.

In the 1940s and 1950s, celluloid was mainly used to make eyeglasses.

Why is celluloid used as a material for eyeglasses?

"Very supple and beautiful"

The point is.

In addition, there is elasticity and is strong in a shock,
A material that is said to be difficult to warp or bend.
In addition, the unique luster is also a big charm of celluloid.

Until around 2000, celluloid was mainly used for the frame, but it seems that it gradually declined due to the occurrence of fire accidents and the criticism that "celluloid is flammable".

However, there is no problem in using it in daily life.
(The ignition point of celluloid is around 170℃, so it seems to be a flammable material.)

Celluloid is characterized by a deep luster that comes out as it is polished.
Even now, it is used by some eyeglass brands made by Japanese craftsmen.

However, with the current celluloid,
When compared with those of the time,
The quality of the latter seems to be much higher.

Celluloid has the property that moisture escapes from the material over time,
At the same time, impurities will also be removed.
As a result, the vintage frames that have been stored in the dark as dead stock for many years are aged and become more beautiful and have a unique luster.

This appearance is a feature that cannot be expressed with acetate material.

Why does guépard use acetate instead of celluloid?

That is because guépard was born to "reproduce the world view of French vintage with modern technology and convey it to more people."

By using acetate, the price is ¥ 27,000 + tax,
It is attractive that the price is easy to pick up.

+81 carries gp-03 and gp-05.

Adopted guépard custom-made flat lens with multi-coating only on the back side.

The surface is designed to receive and reflect light,
Reproduces the atmosphere of the time when there was no coating technology for lenses.
It has a more vintage feel to it.

The gp-
03 is an impressive item with a standard almost circular lens shape in the punt (Boston) style, which is popular among French vintages.

(black frame, clear lens)

The gp- 05 has three rivets on the front and two rivets on the temples next to the point.
It is commonly called "3dots Parisian".


gp- 05
(brown frame, blue lens)

Eyewear guépard that can be recommended with confidence from +81.
Please consider it.

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