The commitment of "KHOKI"


This is Sugita from the +81 staff.

It's still cold outside, but a lot of spring and summer items have arrived, so I'd like to introduce them to you.


The navy coat is from KHOKI.

At first glance, it looks like a simple navy coat, but it is a coat with a lot of details, such as a denim cutback and a detachable hood.

A slightly larger pocket on the front.


It also comes with a belt, so if you tie it up, the silhouette will change at once, so you can enjoy wearing it in various ways.

I also like how you can see the denim when you look at it from the side.


Although the coat is rich in details like this, the fabric is also packed with attention.

The fabric has been vintage-processed, so it has some wrinkles and a nice atmosphere.

Thanks to this processing, a deep color cannot be produced with a simple navy.

It is a coat with an atmosphere like no other.


The inner vest is also KHOKI.

The V-neck is perfect and the color balance is exquisite, so it has a moderate presence when worn as an inner layer.

In addition, the vest is not simply made of multicolored threads, but is made of various materials such as cotton, hemp, and Japanese paper.

So when you take a closer look, the orange, khaki, and brown fabrics have completely different textures, so you can feel the attention to detail in these areas as well.

Furthermore, since this vest is woven by craftsmen, each one has subtle individual differences, and I personally like that there are no identical ones.

Not only can it be used as an inner layer, but it can also be worn alone, so you can enjoy it all year round over a shirt in the spring and over a T-shirt in the summer.

Finally the big picture.




*Currently, only beige is available for this item online.

Regarding navy, we will upload it to the online store at a later date.


SIZE: Free


Staff Height: 173cm

This time, the styling was mainly based on KHOKI 21SS items.

We will continue to introduce spring and summer, so please continue to check the blog.

We are also getting more and more spring and summer items, so please take a look at our online store.